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Virtual Reality Summer Camp

May 25-29

June 1-5

June 15-19

July 6-10

July 20-24

July 27-31

$249.99 per kid

$199.99 for each additional kid





Why Derezzed VR Summer Camp?


The Derezzed VR Summer Camp is a unique option for your child to have fun with virtual reality, solve problems as a team, and get exercise while doing it.  Our experiences require cooperation, team work,  and critical thinking all while in a fun, supportive environment


We are continuously adding to our educational content offering.  Your child can learn about the human body, travel to the moon with the Apollo 11 mission, tour the wreckage of the Titanic, practice 3-D painting, travel the earth with Google Earth, and much more. 


Virtual Reality is fun and engaging! Kids will learn, play, and have fun with an exciting new technology!

If you haven't tried virtual reality, come visit us so you can secure a space for your child's Summer enrichment.


Every day of our camps follows a different theme. Some of our themes include art, sports, science, and more! We offer multiple experiences for each of our themes, and free time gives campers the chance to play their favorite games.

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